3960 patasso pat-as'-so probably prolongation from 3817; to knock (gently or with a weapon or fatally):--smite, strike. Compare 5180.

3817 paio pah'-yo a primary verb; to hit (as if by a single blow and less violently than 5180); specially, to sting (as a scorpion):--smite, strike.

5180 tupto toop'-to a primary verb (in a strengthened form); to "thump", i.e. cudgel or pummel (properly, with a stick or bastinado), but in any case by repeated blows; thus differing from 3817 and 3960, which denote a (usually single) blow with the hand or any instrument, or 4141 with the fist (or a hammer), or 4474 with the palm; as well as from 5177, an accidental collision); by implication, to punish; figuratively, to offend (the conscience):--beat, smite, strike, wound.


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