Brethren if they want to judge you on not turning out the lights, so be it! If they want to judge you on their precious drapes so be it! That is what a crooked and perverse nation worries about! Matthew 6:19 treasures upon earth, Isaiah 2:12 For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low: 2 Peter 3:10 as a thief in the night; Philippians 2:15 a crooked and perverse nation, Isaiah 27:1 even leviathan that crooked serpent; (Saints See: A Cabal of Criminality - Iraq, like Vietnam before it, has served to remind us that, like the war on communism, the war on terror is but a charade, a fear engendering escapade, designed to control populations and empower the elite, unleashing fear onto the citizenry while delivering enormous profit to the military-industrial complex. Through lies, deceit, fear-mongering, immorality, chicanery and criminality a group of a few hundred people led America into war, using the new Pearl Harbor, 9/11, with its plethora of highly charged emotions and fragile psyches, to launch a war they thought would be only the first of many, using Iraq as a beachhead to invade Iran and Syria.

US_CAPITOL.JPG (16343 bytes)masonic_symbol.gif (110736 bytes)us_capitol_cornerstone.jpg (27378 bytes)Yet to the Cabal of Criminality lurking and slithering in the halls of power the lives of thousands of America’s young mean not a thing. Tens of thousands have returned maimed, burned or scarred not only physically, but mentally as well, changed, altered, innocence lost, wickedness spawned. Tens of thousands will forever linger in the purgatory that their mind has become, lost among the ghosts of the innocents they killed, maimed, raped or tortured, haunted by the visions of death they saw and the realities of war they were forced to endure, and confront. Burning inside their minds Hell has arisen, echoing the screams of the suffering and the drips of the blood they helped spill, hearing the cries of armless children, weeping widows and fatherless daughters. Hell on Earth, after all, lies with the demons of life lurking inside the crevices deep within the mind. America proclaims to stand with the world but in reality trounces treaties and protocols and has become a rogue nation acting solely for its own corporate interests. The new America would rather spend $500 billion a year on the military industrial complex, and an additional $200-300 billion for the Iraq/Bush war instead of on education, healthcare, Katrina, homelessness, enlightenment, equality and infrastructure, in the process condemning tomorrow’s adults to a nation without wisdom, vision and equality. The new America is producer and consumer, from cradle to grave, where slave wages abound for the working class and tax breaks thrive for the wealthy, creating a growing gap between haves and have nots, between the educated and the rest of us. The new America is a nation never reared or disciplined, possessing the attention span of ten second sound bites and the naiveté of always placing blind faith in corrupt and incompetent leadership, a land living for the present, not the future, forgetting lessons from the past, its people programmed to seek the fictions, perfections and fantasies of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, millions of its citizens doped up on pharmaceutical (sorcery) drugs, depressed when reality triumphs over fiction, when real life eclipses dumbed down fantasy. America is a land where the corruption endemic in Washington is easily forgotten, where complacency of convenience leads to complicity of criminality, where the pilfering of so-called billions of dollars in Iraqi reconstruction funds and misappropriation of billions of dollars in Iraqi aid and oil revenues by Bush and Cheney cronies and fraudsters is ignored, quickly forgotten by a populace suddenly enthralled by the next adaptation of sensationalist and mind numbing corporate media designed to distract and quickly make forget. This is the same Cabal of Criminality, it must be recalled, that supported Saddam Hussein in his massacres against Kurds, Shia and during his chemical warfare campaign against Iran, using mostly American made weapons. This is the same Cabal that once green lighted the rise of autocratic dictators throughout the world, severely damaging the cherished principles of human rights, freedom and democracy they now hypocritically parade at every public relations stunt.

osama_bin_laden_wanted.jpg (16322 bytes)This is the same Cabal that supported Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, helping arm and financially assisting his mujahedeen against the Soviets, calling them freedom fighters then but terrorists now.

MISSION_ACCOMPLISHED_BUSH.JPG (20701 bytes)Knowing perfectly well that the Bush war is only creating thousands more hatred-filled terrorists throughout the Muslim world, the Cabal of Criminality nonetheless continues to destroy, massacre and bomb, hoping enough enemies are created, and enough blowback boomerangs back, to sustain a decades long excuse for perpetual war and thus, perpetual profit, wealth and power.)

STATUE_OF_LIBERTY.JPG (12071 bytes)Revelation 12:9   that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:

skull_bones_anim.gif (6970 bytes)(See: 9/11: Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration (US government) - The 9/11(Bipartisan) Commission understood that its mandate, as we have seen, was to provide "the fullest possible account" of the "facts and circumstances" surrounding 9/11. Included in those facts and circumstances are ones that, according to some critics of the official account of 9/11, provide evidence that the Bush administration intentionally allowed the attacks of 9/11. Some critics have even suggested that the Bush administration actively helped the attacks succeed.

9-11_revealed.jpg (50840 bytes)In light of the fact that several books have been written propounding such views, including some in English, the Commission's staff, given its "exacting investigative work," would surely have discovered such books. Or if not, the staff would at least have known about a front-page story on this topic in the Wall Street Journal. Readers of this story learned not only that a poll showed that 20 percent of the German population believed the "U.S. government ordered the attacks itself" but also that similar views were held in some other European countries.1 Also, as we saw in the Introduction, polls show that significant percentages of Americans and Canadians believe that the US Government deliberately allowed the attacks to happen, with some of those believing the Bush administration actually planned the attacks. Knowing that such information is available and such views are held, the Commission, we would assume, would have felt called upon to respond to these suspicions. An adequate response would contain at least the following elements: (1) an acknowledgment that these suspicions exist; (2) a summary of the main kinds of reports and alleged facts cited as evidence by those who have promoted these suspicions; and (3) an explanation of why these reports and alleged facts do not really constitute evidence for complicity by the Bush administration (US government, democrats included).

9-11_synthetic_terror_bookcover.jpg (30126 bytes)Finally, the persistence and widespread documentation of these allegations means that an adequate response would need to consider (if only to debunk) the motives that some critics have alleged the Bush administration would have had for facilitating the 9/11 attacks ? just as the Commission properly looked at motives that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organizations may have had for planning the attacks.

9-11_inside_job_bookcover.jpg (39364 bytes)For many Americans, of course even considering the possibility that their own government might have had motives for facilitating such attacks would not be pleasant. But an account, if it is to be the fullest possible account, cannot decide in advance to restrict itself to the ideas that are pleasant.

DOLLAR_PYRAMID.JPG (10813 bytes)At the center of these motives was the desire to enable the building of a multibillion dollar pipeline route by a consortium known as CentGas (Central Asia Gas Pipeline), which was formed by US oil giant Unocal. The planned route would bring oil and gas from the land-locked Caspian region, with its enormous reserves, to the sea through Afghanistan and Pakistan. By 2001, the Taliban had come to be perceived as an obstacle to this project. The Taliban was originally supported by the United States, working together with Pakistan's ISI. The pipeline project had become the crucial issue in what Ahmed Rashid in 1997 dubbed "The New Great Game."26 One issue in this game was who would construct the pipeline route ? the Unocal-dominated CentGas Consortium or Argentina's Bridas Corporation. The other issue was which countries the route would go through. The United States promoted Unocal and backed its plan to build the route through Afghanistan and Pakistan, since this route would avoid both Iran and Russia.27 The main obstacle to this plan was the civil war that had been going on in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of the Soviet Union in 1989. The US government supported the Taliban in the late 1990s on the basis of hope that it would be able to unify the country through its military strength and then provide a stable government. The centrality of this issue is shown by the title Rashid gave to two of his chapters: "Romancing the Taliban: The Battle for Pipelines."28 With regard to the United States in particular, Rashid says that "the strategy over pipelines had become the driving force behind Washington's interest in the Taliban."29 However, although the Kean-Zelikow Commission cites Rashid's well-known book several times, it makes no reference to his discussion of the centrality of the pipelines to Washington's perspective.

9-11_omissions_and_distortions.jpg (32570 bytes)From reading the Commission's report, in fact, one would never suspect that "pipeline war" (as it became called) was a major US concern.) Isaiah 59:8 The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace. Jeremiah 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. (Saints See: Mission Accomplished: Big Oil’s Occupation of Iraq - The Bush administration's covert plan to help energy companies steal Iraq's oil could be just weeks away from fruition, and the implications are staggering: continued price-gouging by Big Oil, increased subjugation of the Iraqi people, more US troops in Iraq, and a greater likelihood for a US invasion of Iran. According to Greg Muttitt, co-author and lead researcher of the "Crude Designs" report, "for all the US administration's talk of creating a democracy in Iraq, in fact, their heavy pushing of PSAs (production sharing agreements) stands to deprive Iraq of democratic control of its most important natural resource. I would even go further: the USA, Britain and the oil companies seem to be taking advantage of the weakness of Iraq's new institutions of government, and of the terrible violence in the country, by pushing Iraq to sign deals in this weak state, whose terms would last for decades. The chances of Iraq getting a good deal for its people in these circumstances are minimal; the prospect of mega-profitable deals for multinational oil companies is fairly assured." Of course, ongoing oil exploration in Iraq by administration-friendly companies would require permanent US bases, a massive ongoing troop presence and billions more in taxpayer-dollar subsidies to sleazy outfits like Halliburton. The whole PSA affair may also stoke the fires for a US invasion of Iran, which sits on oil reserves even greater than those of Iraq.(especially since Iran has decided to sell their oil in euros instead of dollars)) Hebrews 10:26 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, Romans 1:20 so that they are without excuse: ([Saints See: 9/11 PROOF - No matter how painful the facts raised by this site may be, we -- as patriotic Americans and people of good faith -- must look at the evidence for ourselves. This site wholly non-partisan, and not intended to criticize or to bolster any political party. The sources cited come from across the political spectrum. The issues raised transcend political differences, and are vital to conservatives, liberal and moderates; they affect your life whether you are a republican, democrat, independent, or non-voter. This website provides links to credible sources, so that you can easily check the information for yourself. Just read and click. And then make up your own mind.][Saints also see a mainstream news (Fox40 Binghamton NY) report on a documentary Loose Change questioning the facts and government version about 9/11. Here are the news station links to their report and video. (Part 1) (Part 2)]) 1 Thessalonians 5:5 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Thessalonians 5:5 we are not of the night, nor of darkness.   1 Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation,

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