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Fast-food child ad we find disgusting


April 16, 2008

WHILE WATCHING CBC TV8 last night during the Prime Minister's address, my husband and I witnessed an ad from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which involved a young child no older than about one year old not accepting milk to be pacified but a piece of chicken from KFC.

We were both disgusted, as it goes against so many basic dietary needs of this child. While we are aware of the fact that fast-food retailers can advertise how they choose, it is not desirable for this country. Why?

We have a highly obese culture with rising diabetes, hypertension, and complications like strokes and high amputation rates that affect society.

We have a country where we have a promotion that breast fed is best fed as preached by the nurses in the clinics daily, (breasts in a breast-feeding mother produce milk).

We have a country where we have had studies showing that we have eight to 13-year-olds who are already presenting with non-insulin dependent diabetes (maturity onset diabetes) and hypertension.

In other words, a form of diabetes that is usually seen in individuals over the age of 45, with an underlying cause being obesity.

And hypertension is a grown-up disease.

Usually children with diabetes at this age would be insulin-dependent diabetes (juvenile-onset diabetes) as a result of a pancreas that stops working the way it should, and obesity is usually not a causative factor.

Come on, KFC. Don't misuse our children and send such an undesirable message. Surely there are many other forms of advertising you can use.

Courtesy The Nation Newspaper Barbados

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