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Probation in 'cannabis culture' pot case



June 10, 2008

For using marijuana to make teas and soups in his relatives' basement, a Round Lake Beach man was sentenced to 18 months probation Friday.

Lake County Circuit Judge John Philips found Bradley Munts guilty on three counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance following a bench trial last month.

Munts, 21, of 1215 Fairfield Road, was arrested April 12, 2007, after 67.8 grams of marijuana were discovered in a chest he owned after Munts' aunt, Lisa Kloss, called police to report a domestic disturbance around 10:36 p.m. that evening.

Kloss then told officers who arrived at the home that Munts was storing marijuana in a chest located in the basement of the residence.

Munts had been paying $450 a month to live in the basement, authorities said.

Munts lead the officers into the basement and unlocked the chest where two plastic bags containing marijuana plants were discovered.

Police said Munts was not involved in distributing the substances, but he "liked the cannabis culture." Munts said that he only used the marijuana to make tea and soups.

"You are too young to be in this court having me tell you about the law," Philips said.

In addition to probation, Munts has to complete 75 hours of community service. Munts had no previous criminal infractions.


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