1 Samuel 16:7 for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.





By Coach Dave Daubenmire

July 18, 2008

“Obama ain’t black.”

I turned to look over my shoulder to see who had uttered that ridiculous statement.

“Pardon Me?” I squinted at the dark-skinned man who had just interjected himself into my over-coffee conversation with my buddy, Kevin.

“Obama ain’t black.” He said again more matter-of-factly as he walked around the porcelain dividing wall and stood at our table where he could be more active in our conversation.

“My name’s Andree,” he said as he extended his hand. “I couldn’t help but hear what you boys had been discussin’ and I don’t mean to stick my nose in where it don’t belong, but I couldn’t leave without settin’ you straight. Obama ain’t black.”

I looked at Kevin as he shifted nervously in his seat, not sure how to take this visitor to our table.

“Well, have a seat Andree,” somewhat trying to judge the book by its cover. “I’m Dave, but most folks call me Coach, and this is Kevin.” Kevin extended his hand politely.

“Oh, I know who you are. I‘m always seein’ you in the news and I listen to your radio show, that’s why I decided I needed to say something. Do you mind if I have a seat?”

“Absolutely…sit down.” He had my attention as I tried to figure out where this conversation was headed.

“I don’t have a whole lot of time, so let me say my piece and then I gotta get off to work.” He was dressed neatly in his brown package-delivery service attire.

"I want you to know that not all black folk are the dummies the media makes us out to be. Lots of us think for ourselves. You have a voice, Coach, but more importantly, you have courage. You are not afraid to say what needs to be said. I know that about you. I don’t really know you…but I know that about you. The kind of courage you have is rare these days."

“Thanks, Andree,” I said as I looked into his deep, thoughtful eyes. “Feel free to say what is on your mind, brother….” (Bells and sirens starting going off in my head.) I had just called this strange black man “brother” – and not because he was black but because I’ve developed a habit of calling fellow Christians “brother.”

“Please forgive me, Andree,” I hurriedly interjected an apology for my insensitive remark. “I didn’t mean anything by it…sorry if I offended you.” He leaned forward slowly and looked directly in my eyes. “See, that’s why I sat down here, brother; and we are brothers. They’ve got even honest folks like you afraid to speak the truth. Talk to me like I’m white, and I’ll talk to you like you were black, OK? Let me fill you in on what is really going on.”

“Obama ain’t black -- only his skin is. He is what I like to call a BOSCO…Black On Skin Color Only. They are doing all they can to try and convince everyone that he is black but Obama is white.”

I was not sure how to react. I was only thinking what would be said about me if I were to say this on my radio show or write about it in my weekly column. But I wasn’t about to do that. I’m aware of the double standard that exists. Only whites can be racists, blacks can’t. To say what Andree had just said has ruined many a career. A white guy would have to be a fool to raise questions regarding Obama’s blackness in today’s PC culture.

“Come on now, Coach,” he continued. “I know you are a man who is not afraid of the truth, so let me pass you a little pepper to mix with that salt of yours. The only thing black about Obama is his daddy. Other than that, he is a white boy. His mama was a white woman from Kansas, he was born in Hawaii, his daddy wasn’t even an American, he moved to Indonesia at the age of six, moved back to Hawaii at the age of ten where he lived with his white grandparents who enrolled him in an uppity prep school. He went to college at leftist Columbia, and eventually Harvard law school. How many boys from the hood can claim those accomplishments? There ain’t one thing black about his life-experience. Obama is a BOSCO. If he had a white face he would just be another Dennis Kucinich.”

“Jesse Jackson is black. Al Sharpton is black. Minister Farrakhan is black. But Obama…sorry, Coach, Obama ain’t black. You see, those in the black community will tell you that you are black by the way you behave, not by the color of your skin. It is a cultural thing, as the rappers love to say.”

“Clarence Thomas was never accepted by the black community. Neither was J. C. Watts, or Kenneth Blackwell, or Michael Steele. In fact, Bill Cosby was on of the most admired blacks in America until he started talking like he was white…expecting black daddies to raise their babies. Remember, being black is a cultural thing. Bill Clinton was black and so was Hillary, at least until she ran into Obama. He made her look like a pale-face. Why, just last week Rev. Jackson accused Obama of ‘talking down to blacks.’ How does a black talk down to blacks?” ([Saints See: Why Does Barack Obama Hate My Family? - ddressing a congregation at the Apostolic Church of God, one of Chicago's largest black churches, on Father's Day, Barack Obama said:
"Too many fathers are M.I.A., too many fathers are AWOL, missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men." This was his "Sister Souljah" moment. Just as Bill Clinton during his 1992 campaign tried to reassure whites that he wasn't too cozy with blacks by denouncing a rapper, Obama was appealing to whites by condemning his own. Even so, I wasn’t surprised to hear him referred to black men as “boys.” Obama has often taken to “playin’ blacks.” Playin’ in blackspeak means to fool or use a person or persons. (George Bush’s selling of a war on the Iraqi people to America is an example that readily comes to mind or - “Bush played us cheap" or “he played us for fools.” ) Early in the campaign year, Obama used one of the oldest racial stereotypes in a speech to black South Carolina state legislators: "In Chicago, sometimes when I talk to the black chambers of commerce, I say, 'You know what would be a good economic development plan for our community would be if we make sure folks weren't throwing their garbage out of their cars'.” Translation; black people are dirty and lazy. One would think getting money is a better plan. Then, the day before the Texas primary, he let loose again, in a predominantly black venue: "Y'all have Popeyes out in Beaumont? I know some of y'all, you got that cold Popeyes out for breakfast. I know. That's why y'all laughing. ... You can't do that. Children have to have proper nutrition. That affects also how they study, how they learn in school." Translation; black people are fat, stupid and lazy. How would people respond if John McCain (or any person of a different race, nationality or ethnicity) threw out stereotypes like these? What would we say if a white person had stood in the pulpit of a black church, or anywhere else for that matter, and referred to black men as “boys,” in any context? In the days after Obama’s speech, Ishmael Reed, Dr. Ron Walters and others rebutted the candidate’s targeting of black men with the Boston College study which revealed – surprisingly to some – that black fathers not living in the same domicile as their children are more likely to have a relationship with their kids than white fathers in similar circumstances. So, in light of the Brown study should we conclude that white men are more irresponsible than black men when it comes to spending time with their kids? Maybe Obama should find a white church and offer white men advice on Father’s Day? Can we expect to hear him call them “boys?” According to Health and Human Services, “throughout the 1990s, black teens have had the largest declines in teen childbearing rates of any group” while "Latinas have had the highest teen birth rate of any major ethnic/racial minority in the country since 1995." Why doesn’t Obama take his message to the barrios? Maybe he could go to a Catholic Cathedral in the heart of an East L.A. Latino community and challenge Latino men’s machismo. He should use “boys” in his speech and admonish the parishioners not to eat so many burritos.]
1 Corinthians 3:3 Forye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?)

“I get all of that, Andree, but why is Obama so popular with limousine-liberal, white politicians?” I asked.

“Come on, Coach, I thought you were sharper than that. Obama is popular because he is a BOSCO. He has a black face, which makes all of those on the black-plantation vote for him out of hope, but he talks and thinks like a white guy. Jesse couldn’t pull that off. Sharpton could never appeal to white folks, but Obama can pull it off because he doesn’t act black, he just looks black. He is less scary to white middle class America. He thinks and speaks like them. Most whites will vote for a black face, but they will never vote for the black culture. Obama holds the black vote and snookers the white vote.”

Look what happened when it was discovered that Barry O. may have thought like a black guy. You remember Rev. Wright and his black liberation theology? Well, for twenty years Obama was buddies with the Reverend so that he could convince the black community that he wasn’t just another J. C. Watts, but when the truth about the way his pastor really thought came out, Rev. Wright was booted off of the bus. Why? Rev. Wright scared white folks. He reminded folks of Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan. But not Obama. Remember, Obama was raised white.”

“Connect the dots for me, Andree.” How I wished others could hear this average black man’s perspective. “Why has he risen so fast? No one had even heard of him five years ago.”

“Coachie,” he giggled. “I thought you were smarter than you are showing, being a talk-show host and all. The Democrats aren’t interested in Obama’s skin color. They are interested in his politics. Obama is a socialist...which is what they like. But it is deeper than that. They used to call Clinton the “Teflon President” because nothing stuck to him. Well, Obama is the “radioactive” candidate. You don’t dare touch him or it will be death to your career.”

“If you mention his religion, you are a racist. If you question his experience you are a racist. When you point out his leftist record you are accused of racism. If you are against anything he stands for then it has to be because you are another one of those hateful, racist bigots. He’s untouchable. Barry is a white socialist liberal with a black man’s face. Come on, Coach, do you think his meteoric rise had anything to do with his skin color? He is the perfect candidate to sell socialism to America.”

“I ain’t gonna say he is a Muslim like some others, but he sure isn’t a real Christian. I am a Christian and that is why I sat down to talk to you. Somebody has to tell the truth, Coach, somebody with some courage. Obama is a big-government socialist dressed up in a Willy Wonka suit. He will destroy what is left of America.”

“I love this country. I fought in Iraq for her….saw lots of men die. And I’ll tell you this; they didn’t die so that a woman could kill her baby or so that a man could marry a man. And I quaran-dam-tee you they didn’t fight and die to see this country handed over to the communists.”

“Barack Obama is not black, Coach. He is a white big-government liberal with a chocolate veneer. If he gets elected we’ll all be slaves. Please tell folks, Coach. Somebody has to do something. I know you are not afraid to speak the truth. Lots of folks are counting on you.” ([Saints See: Obama to Make World Safe for the Rich - How many years has Barack Obama been sucking up to rich, powerful people? It is clear that the Cinderella story of the neophyte who suddenly struck political pay dirt is just one of many well marketed lies. While it is accurate to say that few Americans had heard of Obama before the 2004 Democratic convention, it is not true that his political ambitions began that year when he ran for the United States Senate. Obama first secured buy-in from wealthy, politically connected white people when he was still a state senator in Illinois, and then he began his not so surprising rise to power. He has worked very hard over a long period of time to position himself as an ambitious but "safe" black man who had no intention of rocking the political boat or letting anyone else do so either. The trail is easy to follow.

obama_9-11.jpg (23282 bytes)Obama's willingness to absolve criminality, politically sanctioned racism, and other evil doing has a long history. On January 17, 2001, then state senator Barack Obama gave his blessing to new Bush administration cabinet appointees, including Donald Rumsfeld, and declared that they were all "in the mainstream":
" ‘The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,' Obama said. ‘I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I don't think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.' "
Translation: "Calm down check bundlers, I'm your guy. When I run for president you'll have nothing to fret about. I will never give the military industrial complex or the rest of corporate America any cause for alarm." The hand writing has been on the wall for a long time. Barack Obama cares about his own ambition, and nothing more. His campaign is a well oiled marketing machine that convinces gullible people to believe he is who they want him to be. Those of us who aren't fooled have an obligation to speak up and point out the sleights of hand that go back many years. We should not be surprised when it continues to show itself after January 2009.]
Revelation 18:2 Babylon the great is fallen,)

He got up, shook my hand and walked out to his brown truck.

“Hmm.” Kevin grunted at me. “I hope you’re not thinking of taking that one on?”

“Not me,” I winked. “I could never get away with saying those things.”

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