2 Timothy 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.



Paul Washer - Shocking Message (full length)

[This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message preached to about 5,000 youth in a day when youth
are appealed to through shallow and worldly means. At one point in this sermon the 5,000 Youth are
clapping and yelling BUT THEN the preacher makes a comment that CHANGES THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE TO WHERE YOU COULD HAVE HEARD A PIN DROP... As you can imagine, the preacher was never invited back.
[Comment: Some blame has to be placed at the feet of the Preachers or Pastors that do not preach theWord of God or Word of Truth? What good is going to Church if you do not hear Truth? Paul Washer blames the youngsters but they are only as good as what the shepherd feeds them. I remember preaching the Word to Evangelicals at a so called Christian Bookstore right after Nine-Eleven and I had one woman employee threaten to call the Police on me! (Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: Revelation 22:2 and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.) Imagine that, preaching the BIBLE in a Christian bookstore? What is the first book you should find in a Christian bookstore?] John 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues:

graham_pope.jpg (13553 bytes)[Also Mr. Washer praises Billy Graham a warmonger and friend of the Papacy?] Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. [Saints See: Billy Graham - Vatican Agent  - Billy Graham has been closely involved with the National Council of Churches (in America) which holds the copyright of the Revised Standard Version bible and the New Revised Standard Version. This bible is based on corrupt manuscripts and sources, which they will openly admit to be not the original bible. But what they also say is that the original bible therefore cannot be found. The original bible we know is the greek and hebrew manuscripts of the King James Bible. It still remains unchallenged. When you read the Revised Standard Version, you may not notice anything different. It is only when you understand that the manuscripts they decided upon contain many differences, and that they therefore say there is no true bible, you realise what a corrupt bible this is. Billy Graham has personally sponsored the Living Translation of the bible which is a further adaptation of the Revised Standard Bible and contains the same errors. Billy Graham is very aware of these errors, which most people are, when they study the facts closely. When Billy Graham began in the late 1940s, he is quoted as saying, “The three gravest menaces faced by orthodox Christianity are Communism, Roman Catholicism, and Mohammedanism.” At that time he was a small-time tent evangelist holding meetings in Los Angeles. Suddenly a host of news reporters appeared at his meetings. When he asked why they were there, he was told that he had been “kissed by William Randolph Hearst” (A Roman Catholic Publisher) who had telegraphed the editors of his nation-wide newspaper chain to promote Graham. Banner headlines began attracting thousands to his meetings. At the same time, American Catholic leaders such as Cardinal Cushing and Bishop Fulton Sheen began mentioning Graham favorably in the Catholic media.

harry_truman.jpg (11551 bytes)bush_graham.jpg (17151 bytes)billy_graham-richard_nixon2.jpg (17573 bytes)In the subsequent 40 years, Graham became known as the national pastor, with open doors to presidents, business magnates, and religious leaders including the pope. Graham’s organisation clearly has close associations with the Roman Catholic church. He has close associations with the Pope and allows all churches to come under the same influence. He will tell Roman Catholics to go back to their original churches to win them to Christ. It is impossible for them to win them unless those people leave the Roman Catholic church, not go back in there!][Saints See: BILLY GRAHAM AND ROME - "It is one thing to invite unconverted Roman Catholics to a gospel meeting to hear the gospel preached, but it is quite another matter to go to a meeting where Roman Catholics, and Roman Catholic priests that are still firmly in Rome, are preaching from the platform." --Christian News, June 26, 1988
Nothing more plainly evidences the bankruptcy of New Evangelicalism than its flirtations with Rome, and in this report we intend to trace this sad and serious matter.
Some do not believe we should deal with negative matters such as this. They do not believe we should name names and publicly expose the compromises of Christian leaders. But we must.
First, we must preach messages of this nature as a matter of obedience. The Lord Jesus Christ rebuked false teachers publicly (Matthew 23), and the apostles followed in His footsteps. They rebuked and warned of false teachers and compromisers by name. Paul even rebuked Peter publicly for his compromise of the truth (Gal. 2:9-14), then described the scene in an epistle for all of the churches to see. In the Pastoral Epistles alone, eight men are mentioned publicly for their errors (1 Tim. 1:19-20, 2 Tim. 1:15, 2:17, 4:10, 4:14-16). We are commanded to “preach the word ... reprove, rebuke, exhort...” (2 Tim. 4:2). Thus, reproving error is a matter of obedience.
Second, we must preach messages of this nature because of concern for the gospel. Ecumenical relationships between evangelicals and Catholics is a matter that pertains to the gospel. This is not a minor issue. Rome preaches a sacramental gospel that is cursed of God and that leads people to hell. The Council of Trent, reaffirmed by Vatican II, proclaimed, “If anyone shall say that justifying faith is nothing else than confidence in the divine mercy pardoning sins for Christ's sake, or that it is that confidence alone by which we are justified ... let him be accursed” (Canon 12). Rome is thus an avowed enemy of the New Testament faith.
Those who fellowship with Romanism put a stamp of approval--unwittingly, perhaps, but just as surely--upon the false gospel preached by their Roman Catholic friends.
When Billy Graham includes Catholics in his evangelistic crusades and sends inquirers to Catholic churches, those looking on are made to think that Roman Catholicism must be true Christianity. When evangelical leaders fellowship with Rome, a climate is created whereby it is very difficult to preach that Catholics need to be saved and leave their false “church.” Ecumenical evangelicals break down the walls between truth and error and muddy the waters of gospel work.
Ecumenical relationships are an exceedingly serious matter with eternally destructive consequences.
Some claim that Rome has changed and we can no longer say it is heretical. While the declarations of the Vatican II council of the 1960s did bring changes to the Catholic Church, it did not change its foundational dogmas. Not only did Vatican II uphold Rome’s false teachings, it actually strengthened them.
The 2,400 bishops attending Vatican II reaffirmed such Roman heresies as salvation through the sacraments, papal supremacy, the Roman priesthood, the mass as a re-sacrifice of Christ, Catholic tradition on equal par with Scriptures, Mary as the Queen of Heaven and co-redemptress with Christ, auricular confession (confession of one’s sins into the ear of a priest), pilgrimages to “holy shrines,” purgatory, and prayers to and for the dead.
All of these were reaffirmed by the Vatican II Council, the latest, most authoritative statement of Catholic teaching. Pope John XXIII, at the opening of Vatican II, stated, “The greatest concern of the Ecumenical Council is this: that the sacred deposit of Christian doctrine should be guarded and taught more efficaciously.” Thus, Vatican II did not change the doctrinal foundation of Romanism.
There are Catholics today who claim they don't believe Rome's heresies, but this does not change the fact that Rome holds them. If one does not believe official Catholic dogma, he should leave the Catholic Church.]

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