2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel;

BUSHDEVIL_SIGN4.JPG (15154 bytes)for Satan himself is transformed into an

BUSH_HALO.JPG (6230 bytes)angel of light.

BUSH_OBSCENE1.JPG (4437 bytes)RUMSFELD1.JPG (6679 bytes)([See: WELL, WHAT'LL IT BE, BOYS...A WAR OR A GLOBAL STRUGGLE? - To demonstrate the administration’s see-sawing, total confusion, and juvenile ambivalence on this crazy subject, consider the disparity between Bush’s reiterative position of framing the conflict primarily in “military terms”, and General Myers hinting last week that a new "non-military" slogan was coming, “If something is a war, then you think of people in uniform as the solution.” How much genuflecting will the good general have to do to stay in the good graces of his boss after that remark? Secretary Rumsfeld is also doing some genuflecting of his own. “Some will ask,” he said, “are we still engaged in a war on terror? It’s a war.

9-11_inside_job_bookcover.jpg (39364 bytes)The president properly termed it that after Sept 11. The only way to defend against terrorism is to go on the attack.” No, Mr. Secretary, this is not a “war.” War is a misnomer. Wars have beginnings and endings. With your definition we could call any continuous acts of street violence in any country a war. Rather, we are in an endless series of deadly skirmishes with an enemy that cannot be beaten without blowing up the whole country. Even then, which country comes next? Call it what you will, but Bush is dead wrong.  A “war” it is not, even though he insists on using the word to keep the illusion going, and the American people hyped up and on edge.] 1 John 4:3 this is that spirit of antichrist,)

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