barack_obama2.gif (249654 bytes)(Saints See: Obama Mouths Mush On War -U.S. Senator Barack Obama has planted his feet deeply inside the Iraq war-prolongation camp of the Democratic Party, the great swamp that, if not drained, will swallow up any hope of victory over the GOP in next year's congressional elections. In a masterpiece of double-speak before the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, November 22, the Black Illinois lawmaker managed to out-mush-mouth Sen. John Kerry - a prodigious feat, indeed. Obama's speech had the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) brand stamped all over it. Triangulating expertly, Obama first praised the war record of Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), who has called for immediate steps towards U.S. military redeployment out of Iraq, hopefully in six months, then dismissed both Murtha's bill and any hint of "timetables" for withdrawal. In essence, all Obama wants from the Bush regime is that it fess up to having launched the war based on false information, and to henceforth come clean with the Senate on how it plans to proceed in the future. Those Democrats who want to dwell on the past - the actual genesis and rationale for the war, and the real reasons for its continuation - should be quiet. "The President could take the politics out of Iraq once and for all if he would simply go on television and say to the American people ‘Yes, we made mistakes. Yes, there are things I would have done differently. But now that we're here, I am willing to work with both Republicans and Democrats to find the most responsible way out.'" It's not hard to satisfy Sen. Obama. If Bush would just stop repeating his lies to cover the fact that the Iraq war was premeditated, on the front-burner since his administration came to power, and therefore a crime against peace, well, we could all pretend like nothing criminal had happened - and was still happening. Everyone with a political antenna understands that Obama is jockeying for position as a VP or presidential nominee-maker in 2008. He has created a political action committee, HopeFund, to finance 14 of his senatorial colleagues - ten of whom are DLC (that's half of the DLC presence in the Senate.) Although not a formal member of the DLC, Obama's stance on the Iraq war places him squarely in their camp on this issue - and he is advertising the fact. The arc of his ambition dictates his position.) John 12:43 For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. 1 Timothy 4:2 having their conscience seared with a hot iron; (See: Don't Let It Bring You Down - Wolf Blitzer got up on his hind legs during his Sunday morning confab with Senator Biden on CNN and expressed his outrage that the Iraqi people and their so-called leaders have not thanked the United States for invading and occupying their country.

wolf_blitzer.jpg (15215 bytes) “There was not one word of appreciation,” said Blitzer, “to the United States for liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein.” Wolf went on to ask Biden if the Senator found this as alarming and depressing as he did. The disconnection is staggering, the comment so two years ago. Remember when Dick Cheney told us before the war that, “My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators”? The vast gulf between our present reality and Cheney’s pre-invasion optimism is wide enough to sail the Sixth Fleet through with room to spare. Yet there was Wolf, still waiting for the hearts and flowers. Blitzer, one can assume, would be appalled by another video on the ‘net of a caravan of oil tankers being driven by US troops through Iraq. One troop, driving the tanker and narrating the video, tells the viewer to be ready for the next stretch of road. Children, it seems, gather on that stretch of road to throw rocks at the passing soldiers. The video clearly shows young Iraqis pelting the truck as it rolls along; one rock smashes the windshield. The soldier in the video is vocally frustrated by the rules of engagement which keep him from shooting the rock-throwers. Maybe those kids are foreign fighters, insurgents shipped in from Iran and Syria to disrupt the march of democracy. Let’s see. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and maimed during this occupation. 70% of the population is unemployed. Long gas lines are the rule of the day. Hospitals don’t work. Electricity is intermittent. Potable water is hard to come by. Bombs go off every day, slaying civilians, police and soldiers indiscriminately. Iraqis disappear into torture chambers. Religious factions growl at each other like dogs in a fighting pit. Even the children throw rocks. Don’t let it bring you down, though. We’re staying the course, fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here, spreading democracy, rolling with the noble cause, doing the Lord’s work and saving Christmas, all at the same time. It’s all good.) Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits.

us_capitol2.jpg (27025 bytes)(Saints See: CONGRESS IN POCKET OF BIG OIL - The American public has been in an uproar following news of windfall oil industry profits such as Exxon Mobil’s record-breaking 75 percent jump from last year. But the Senate, which has launched an “investigation” of the matter, seemed compromised by oil industry campaign contributions. Five oil barons “testified”—but not under oath—on Nov. 9 during the Senate hearing about possible gasoline-price gouging after Hurricane Katrina. A formal request for sworn testimony from energy-company CEOs was denied by the chairman of the Commerce Committee, who also chaired the special joint session. The barons were invited to speak; they were not under subpoena. From the start, the softness of the Senate’s tepid, softball questioning seemed suspiciously proportional to the amount of industry funds a questioner had received. ted_stevens_senator.jpg (28917 bytes)When Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (Photo: R-Alaska, $102,190) announced he would not require the executives to give their testimony under oath, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash., $9,400) asked for a vote on the issue. Stevens shot back: “There will be no vote. . . . It’s the decision of the chairman, and I have made that decision.” Cantwell has been leading Senate Democrats in a publicity campaign against potential price gouging. “I move that we swear in witnesses,” Cantwell insisted. “I second the motion,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif., $9,450). “That’s the last we’re going to hear about that, because it’s out of order,” Stevens replied. When the two women continued their protest, the chairman informed them: “I intend to be respectful of the position that these gentlemen hold.” When Boxer later displayed a large chart showing the executives’ obscenely large income, Stevens cut her off.) Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: Romans 1:25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Philippians 2:15 a crooked and perverse nation, (Saints See: Police Found Suspected Bombs In WTC On 9/11 - The report you're watching and hearing (see link above) was filed by an MSNBC news anchor Rick Sanchez on the morning of September 11th 2001. It can be downloaded here. The details contained therein seem to have slipped under the radar amidst the huge body of evidence proving controlled demolition brought down both the twin towers and Building 7. Sanchez states, ”Police have found what they believe to be a suspicious device and they fear that it may lead to another explosion." "I spoke with some police officials moments ago, Chris, and they told me they have reason to believe that one of the explosion at the besides the ones made with the planes, may have been caused by a van that was parked on the building that may have had an explosive device in it.” It would make sense that police would find at least some of the bombs that tore down the only steel buildings to collapse from fire damage in history at speeds that defied physics. There would have been so many devices involved in the demolition that stumbling across some was inevitable.

OKC_FEDERAL_BUILDINK.JPG (32185 bytes)This report mirrors those that emerged in the hours following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, where bomb squads removed numerous unexploded secondary devices from the Alfred P. Murrah building.

wtc_site_damage.jpg (11689 bytes)The twin towers were wired to the brim with highly powerful explosives, some of which exploded before the collapse of the buildings and some during. This is why people like construction worker Philip Morelli, working in the fourth sub-basement of the north tower, were thrown around like rag dolls in an earthquake. With the sheer volume of evidence and basic straightforward common sense proving controlled demolition, the possibility still remains that the federal government, backed by FEMA, will come forward and announce that another Al-Qaeda cell placed the explosives days before the attack. This of course is ridiculous, it takes highly trained explosives experts weeks and sometimes months to correctly rig buildings many times smaller than the twin towers, and with varying degrees of success. The towers imploded perfectly and fell down right in their own footsteps, as did Building 7 which wasn't hit by a plane. Any building not owned by Larry Silverstein, despite having closer proximity to the towers, strangely stood its ground.

larry_silverstein.jpg (29822 bytes)Larry Silverstein admitted that Building 7 was "pulled," an industry term for demolition, in a September 2002 PBS documentary, but has failed to respond to a firestorm of subsequent questions.) Psalms 14:1 They are corrupt, they have done abominable works,

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