Washington DC- Occult & Masonic Symbolism

Courtesy of geocities.com/theawakeningnews

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The Streets of Washington DC are litered with occult and Masonic Symbolism. Many graphics and maps have been spread across the internet, many included on this page.

We will examine the evidence below.

Firstly, we already know that there is a heavy Masonic influence on Washington DC's architecture and general design. It is home to Masonic Temples, the Pentagon {Pentagram- as well as the massive sun-worship Obelisk. Those are the major, more well known symbols, but if you looik further into the city you will discover that the layout of the streets starting from the Whitehouse form a huge Pentagram type shape and in it sits the Masonic "Eastern Star"

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Here is one example. Starting from the Whitehouse, streets part and form the Eastern Star, which is rather scary.
Though I was shocked upon seeing this, I would not instantly accept it for the fact that the Internet is filled with conspiracies, all which point the finger at organisations like shape shifting reptilians to secret societies.

I was very curious and decided to continue some research.

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I found this large map, also detailing the symbolism of the star, including some others, though for now we are  concentrating on finding an answer for the star first. See for yourself- click the image for a full view of Washington DC.

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I took the research further as my curiosity was growing. In a search engine I found a maps website which contained graphics and maps of all major American cities, including, of course, Washington DC. There I searched for the symbol of the Eastern Star, and look was appearred-

                                                         Washington.gif (5248 bytes)

It's there after all...

By now, I'm sure you're beginning to ask, that if  it were really REAL then there would a a photograph, right? After much searching, there was in fact, a satellite photo taken of Washington DC. When it was taken, I'm not quite sure.

                                                       washington_star-photo_comparison.jpg (21494 bytes)

On the right is the original image. On the left I marked out all the streets which matched the symbol. When I first looked at it, I was not convinced and was almost disappointed, but after much study, the streets actually do connect up with one another. See for yourself.

So there you have it: the president in his Whitehouse is overlooking a great Pentagram and Eastern Star.

If you are still a sceptic, I encourage you to continue researching this. The truth will always reveal itself.

So soon you may begin to ask, "How would they get away with this?" A huge satanic logo that is miles long must be pretty obvious, yet they get away with it. Why? The reason is that nobody knows. People who tell of these things are labelled as "paranoid conspiracy theorists." Our society no longer tolerates heavy concepts or different opinions no matter how wild they be.


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